Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Karlie Redd-Daughter Revealed

 Karlie Redd

You aint got to lie…

Karlie Redd’s Daughter Revealed

Last night on the LHHATL reunion show, messy motor-mouth and mommy banger Karlie Redd repeatedly dodged questions about her age and the age of her rarely-mentioned daughter.
The Benzino bustdown even went as far as to tell LHHATL producer and show moderator Mona Scott that the real reason she refused to reveal the identity or age of her only child was to protect her from the backlash she’d be sure to receive as a result of her mother’s raunchy behavior on the show.
Many viewers who tuned in to last night’s reunion show speculated that Karlie’s “conceal to protect” spiel was as fake as her inflated cakes and that the real reason Karlie kept her daughter under wraps was to ensure that her own true age remain a mystery.

Well, wonder no more.

Karlie Redd's Daughter
This is Karlie Redd’s daughter….and she’s 18 years old. So how old is Karlie Redd?
We honestly don’t get why Karlie is being shady about her own age